Hans C. Schmidt u. Sohn GmbH

More than 90 years old is the family business of Hans C. Schmidt u. Sohn, which was founded in 1925 as a company trading in machinery and equipment and shop fitments. The company originally focused on the large number of coffee importing businesses situated in Bremen, but many other branches were added quickly. Today the company supplies a wide variety of machines and equipment for the food, chemical and plastics industry. Most of these are large units serving a variety of uses: cleaning, feeding, conveying, transporting, storing, shaking, metering, mixing, drying, weighing, grinding, packing or sorting – there are few fields for which Schmidt u. Sohn does not have the right solution, as the company also holds agencies for well-known German and European producers.

Our products


Metal-detectors and –separators to detect and remove all kinds of metal out of product lines. For inspection of packaged goods as well as for bulk material on conveyor-belts, vibrating troughs etc.


Grinders for coffee, corn, wheat, linseed and poppy, also graters for nuts and cheese. Store grinders for capacities from 250 to 2500 grams per minute. Industrial models for app. 1000 kgs/h.


Mixing machines for all kinds of granules and powders. Screw-mixers as well as drum- or thumble-mixers. For laboratories small units with 200 grams up to 5 kgs contents and for industrial use machines with up to 20 tons of volume.


Conveyors and equipment for the transport of bulk material: suction conveyors and flexible spirals for 250 up to 6000 kgs/h. Screw conveyors in tube or trough shape and nearly all dimensions and diameters – of course also on special demand.


Vibrating- and screw-dosing units for the precise adding of powders and granules. Also spiral- and screw-conveyors for larger capacities


Scales and weights for nearly all requirements: electronic laboratory equipment and analysis scales, price indicating balances, counting-scales, table- and floor-balances. Industrial weighing systems and crane-scales.